Home Design

We can provide you with custom home design to suit your lifestyle, encompassing the land and its surrounds to ensure a liveable, practical home with everything you need but also something that you will be proud of and that will stand out amongst others.

Our advanced 3D software allows the design to be visualized at an early stage to ensure you understand the style, flow and layout of the home but also the way it interacts with your land and it surrounds taking into consideration site works, solar orientation, views and prevailing breezes or winds to provide the best solution possible.

3d Images and animated sun studies are provided to help with layout, positioning of doors and windows, material selections and treatments to get an energy efficient home to the level you desire.

For developers and builders, we can provide one off individual homes or villas for multiple lots while still maintaining some individuality between the properties to maximize marketability.

We can help you design for:-

  • Small Lots
  • Difficult sites
  • Modern Contemporary Homes
  • Character Homes
  • Tropical Design
  • Project Homes