Hillside Retreat

This home was designed for the extremely difficult site and to incorporate the families desire to combine the living of 3 generations.

The seemingly unobtrusive home is in fact 1100m2 of living space over 2 levels with 4 independent living areas that can be used separately or combined to offer larger areas for each generation.

While there are separate living areas for each family there are also combined living and a shared scullery linked to two independent kitchens allowing the families to interact while cooking.

The house also incorporates a large storage and workshop and a large scale wine cellar for those relaxing moments outside on one of the many balcony areas overlooking the bushland and hill side.

The house is sited on a large acreage building block with a slope of more than 45 degrees. This provided not only design but engineering and construction challenges. There is a network of steel supports and bracing. All of this steelwork is supported on concrete piles that are drilled into rock literally stopping the house from sliding down the hill

From the street the house is a traditional style but inside the home offers the clients a custom new home designed for their lifestyle.